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Data Protection Act

Data Protection Act 1998
Oaktree Consulting has registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner (www.dataprotection.gov.uk) registration number Z790508X. This grants Oaktree Consulting the right to store and process personal data on individuals for commercial use within the European Union.

Oaktree Consulting never sells personal information or mailing lists in any form. All collected candidate data is for internal use and personal details are ever only revealed to our client with the expressed consent of the candidate. Research in various sectors is conducted by Oaktree Business Services and the same conditions as above apply to the information gathered.

Oaktree Consulting takes security and the protection of data very seriously and constantly reviews its procedures. Appropriate measures and routines are in place to ensure the integrity and security of its data is always maintained.

If you have any questions or comments on Oaktree Consulting and its attitude to data, please contact Jan Muir in writing at Oaktree Consulting. Alternatively you may email